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Boosway Bay
“Can’t Believe (Summer Love)”

Release Date: April 15th
Rating: Clean

Year    :   2015
By    :   Trap & Trade
Slogan    :   Summer Theme
Genre    :   Dance/Electronica/Deep House
Time    :   6:11 min
Budget    :   Not Disclosed
Age    :   All Ages

Rating:   No rating yet
2018Born for AdversityAction / Adventure
2017Game OverHorror / Thriller

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So...anyway, who the heck is Trap & Trade?!

Trap & Trade is a media company that believes incredible movie-making is made possible through creative genius rather than budgets of epic proportion.

We combine the brilliance of our collective team to bring the imaginations of people all over the world to life by focusing on our art rather than managing the bureaucracy of a bloated organization.

Based in Denver, Colorado, our company is bringing Hollywood to Denver by developing, producing, marketing and distributing independent motion pictures, television productions and music that resonate with mainstream and niche audiences around the world.

We work closely with a variety of partners across the United States to ensure our focus remains on the production of incredibly cool movies, shows, and music rather than pretending to be experts or to even have an interest in areas of business that over paid executives take pride in spending their time.

  • Award winning production team
  • Multiple decades of industry knowledge
  • Scaleable workforce
  • Ability to deliver around the globe

//     WARNING: We are natural born entertainers. Not the Liberace type.

  • 0 the elevation.
  • 0 the area code.
  • 0 the perfect temperature.
Our Abilities and Advantages

Award Winning Content

2013 Hollywood Screenplay Contest
Action / Adventure

In-House Marketing

Members of our marketing team have placed ads and designed campaigns for some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Distributing On Demand

Distributing worldwide in all 109 film and all 155 music territories across every major digital download and streaming platform.

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